Jio Glass – The New Revolution: Advantages Of Jio Glass That Drives Various Divisions Of Modern World

India’s number one telecommunication group Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has announced numerous services and products in its 43rd Annual General Meeting. Among those products and services, the most latest and advanced product called ‘Jio Glass’ has attracted a lot of people. But, yet the availability and cost of the product are not published by RIL. But, there were speculations about the product and the advantages of Jio glass is now the talk of the town. Also, currently, it is the more anticipated product and everyone is eagerly watching for when it will hit the market.

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Advantages Of Jio Glass

Jio Glass from Jio Corporate is one of the advanced and upcoming technologies to be launched in India very soon. It is expected to contribute various departments and will have great advantages for sure. Moreover, it has technically many advantages. Some of the advantages of Jio glass are explained below:

Working Advantages:

Jio Glass has a weight of 75 grams; it will be easy for people to handle. Its high-resolution display will enable you to attend the class or meeting effectively. Surprisingly, it has a voice commander for operating through voice. So, it is extremely comfortable to use. It has a single and quality camera to make video conferencing effortlessly. The portable mic and speakers will assist you to speak and hear clearly. The most important one is it is designed to support 25 apps. So, more than the mobile phones, Jio glass will be comfortable for people.

Advantages In Education Field:

Nowadays, all the teaching classes are conducted by video conferencing. Many companies contribute their best in designing apps for that purpose. But Jio is the only corporation to provide the product of Jio glass for enhancing the educational field. It will encourage the way of teaching through a 3D conference call. Students can clearly listen to the voice of the teacher through the best speakers. Also, they can clarify their doubts through the portable mic. Entirely, the Jio glass is incredibly a useful product for the educational system.

Advantages In Business Field:

Video conference communication is one of the most important advantages of Jio glass in business fields. Jio glass helps to make the video conference in an effective manner. Its augmented reality supported specification will make a new experience in meetings. Business people can attend meetings anywhere at any time comfortably with this smart device.

Other advantages:

Jio glass is expected to be improving the experience of watching videos and playing games to another level. Further, the 3D visual specification surely provides a new adventure for gaming lovers.

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