Among us game has been the talk of the town, since the game recorded 1.5 million players on September 4th. The game has been listed as the most watched game on the Twitch platform with more than 300 thousand viewers watching the game simultaneously. In the game there are 4 to 10 players in the gear of astronaut on a spaceship crew. In each crew 1 to 3 of the crew members are imposters. Crewmates objective is to stay alive and catch the imposters while imposters have to kill everyone else without letting the other crewmates catching them.

Well not gonna lie being imposter is the most fun part in the game and everybody wants to become impostor. This is the reason that the most frequently asked question is why do I never get imposter in among us and how to be imposter in among us every time. So to help you guys out, today we are going to tell you how to become imposter in among us, among us imposter guide and some impostor among us tips.

How to be Imposter in Among Us

How to become an imposter: The game is pretty much simple you have to to stay alive in each of the games 3 maps. For this you should definitely have the knowledge for how to play among us game in the role of imposter as well as crewmates. To be a great imposter you’ll have to impose different qualities which includes craftiness, confidence, quick reaction and taking people into your words. To increase the chances of being an imposter every time just simply follow the below given steps:

How to get Imposter EVERYTIME in Among Us

  1. Open the Among Us game.
  2. Create your name of your choice.
  3. Select the number of imposters you want in the game.
  4. After this create or join the game.
  5. Wait for other players to join.
  6. Change the colour of your player to your choice and wait.
  7. When the game is going to start start changing the colour of your player into two different colours.
  8. Following the above steps you will have high chances to get the imposter without using any hacks.

Among us imposter tips

Being an imposter in among us game is also an art. You are the main player of the game so you have to play smartly by overshadowing everyone so today we are going to present some of the great imposter steps and guide for how to always win as imposter in Among Us.  Let’s checkout the best Impostor Guide which includes Tips, Tricks, & Strategies to win as an imposter.

The Best Sabotages As The Killer In Among Us

Avoid suspicion

In the game you will have to vote judiciously in order to win the game successfully. Never ever use your vote for someone off without any solid evidence as it will raise eyebrows of other crewmates against you. Whenever your teammates are in doubt support them to skip the voting you will get more time to get kills and getting blind into your your crew. Supporting your group is the best option to stay longer in the game.

Proper use of Vents

Using vents properly in the game is very crucial for the imposter. Wait for the proper timing and strike whenever you get the perfect chance. Whenever you see nobody is around kill the player and report for the dead body. If nobody is around try to convince your teammates to skip. Do not vote aggressively otherwise you’ll be the next one out.
How to be imposter in among us

Do not vote aggressively

Never try to vote as soon as possible as the other roommate will catch your eagerness to hide something. Wait and check out what everyone has to say and then vote along with them. Voting aggressively definitely a big Red flag for you.

Kill and blend in crowds

Whenever you can someone Rush towards your proof so that nobody Blame it on you. You can say that you are with the other teammates and they will support you. Wait and don’t rush.

Blaming the emergency meeting holder

This is the best option to put your blame on someone else. You can convince your teammates that the player who is is holding the emergency meeting again and again is trying to hide something from us. You can say that it the person holding the emergency meeting is roaming around the vents. Use this Trick when there are very less players alive.

Among us always imposter glitch

Many people are searching for new imposter Glitch 2020. There use discussion going on Reddit and Quora that there is a imposter Glitch September 2020 which lets you become imposter every time in the game. Let’s check out this trick.

  1. In this trick when the countdown start switch colors and you will be imposter.
  2. First select the color of your choice and spam different colors of your player.
  3. You will definitely become imposter in the game as this glitch has been tried by several players

This was among us how to win as imposter and among us guide reddit.

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