Swasthya sathi application form download 2020: The honourable CM Mamata Banerjee has launched a very special health scheme for the benefit of the people of the state. This health scheme is called Swasthya Sathi scheme which will provide health facilities to the people of West Bengal in a digital way. The schemes most amazing feature is that a health smart card will be provided which is known as Swasthya Sathi card. This card will be distributed free of cost to the beneficiaries. This will provide health insurance to the people who are economically weak because the treatment in hospitals is very high. So people must know how to register in Swasthya Sathi Scheme, West Bengal Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2020 Application form download, swasthya sathi form, swasthya sathi application form download pdf, how to register in Swasthya Sathi scheme, Swasthya Sathi package list, how can I apply for swasthya sathi, how to enroll in Swasthya Sathi prakalpa. That’s why we have provided the application form for the scheme below.

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Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2020

The Swasthya Sathi scheme West Bengal was announced in the year 2016 which is the health insurance scheme provided to the people who are employed under the state government department. Para workers like ASHA’s, Anganwadi workers, civil police volunteers, contractual part-time and daily wage earners, teaching and non-teaching staff of primary schools, secondary schools and government aided madarsas are all eligible for the scheme. The new medical insurance scheme ensures that all the beneficiaries of the scheme will get free treatment at the hospital.

Scheme WB Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2021
Bengali Languageস্বাস্থ্য সাথী স্কিম
Launched byWest Bengal CM Mamata Banarjee
BeneficiaryWest Bengal state Resident
Official Siteswasthyasathi.gov.in
ObjectiveTo provide health benefits to the financially weaker with 100% cashless transaction with a smart health card.

Swasthya bhawan form b pdf download

The Swasthya Sathi scheme application form download (Form B) has been provided below in the pdf format. The Application mode for the scheme has been kept offline but the form can be downloaded from the official portal or by clicking the download button given below.

Application for enrollment under Swasthya Sathi

We have provided swasthya sathi online application form below. Just click on the download button below and download the form b for swasthya sathi.

Swasthya sathi application form pdf

[sc name=”downloadbutton” url=”https://jioreliance4g.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/SS-FORM.pdf” size_small_medium_large=”medium” color=”#19569b” target=”blank” text=”Download Form .Pdf” ]

Documents Required for Swasthya Sathi Card

  • The applicant will have to provide his/her legal domicile documents (photocopy and original documents to show) to the agent.
  • The applicant will have to provide their BPL certificate.
  • The applicants will have to provide SHG and medical organisations registration certificate.
  • An authorised document issued by West Bengal government, have to be produced by applicant.

Swasthya sathi new registration

How to apply swasthya sathi card online

The Swasthya Sathi smart card will be provided to the senior most female member of the family who has applied for the scheme. Smart card will provide health benefits to the people of West Bengal in any of the listed private and government hospitals. The scheme has been provided for all the families in the West Bengal state. The annual expenditure of the scheme is around Rs.2000 crore.

How to get swasthya sathi card (স্বাস্থ্য সাথী কার্ড)

  1. To get the smart card you will have to go to your nearest hospital as this process is offline.
  2. After this applicant will have to provide the set of original documents Which the scheme requires.
  3. Now, form B will be filled with the help of the enrolment agent.
  4. After the submission of the form via online mode an ID and password will be generated for the applicant.
  5. After this Swasthya Sathi smart card will be generated from the official portal.
  6. The candidate will have to login once in order to get the Digital smart Health card.

Eligibility criteria

An applicant can apply for this cashless health scheme by following the eligibility criteria that we have provided below:

  • The applicant applying for the scheme must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.
  • The smart card will be given to the eldest most woman candidate of the family only.
  • Applicant Should not have enrolled under any other healthcare scheme which comes under the state government.

Swasthya Sathi Online registration

Swasthya sathi new registration: Swasthya sathi apply online process can be done via offline mode but the form download all the information related to wb health scheme (Swasthya Sathi Cashless Health Scheme) can be checked on the official website.

  • The interested people from the urban area can visit their nearest government hospital to apply for the scheme.
  • The interested people from the rural area will have to visit the village medical centres to register for the process.
  • Interested applicants will have to provide photocopies and original of the documents mentioned in the scheme guidelines as the enrolment agent will check the required documents.
  • The swasthya sathi form b fill up can be filled by the enrolment agent, that people from rural areas don’t have to face problem while log in and filling the registration form.
  • After the successful submission of an enrolment form, the website will generate an ID and password for the applicant.
  • After this Swasthya Sathi smart card will be generated from the official portal.
  • The candidate will have to login once in order to get the digital card.

Procedure To Apply Online Under Swasthya Sathi Scheme

Step 1: Firstly visit the official website of Swasthya Sathi scheme.

documents required for swasthya sathi card

Step 2: On the homepage click on apply online.

Step 3: Now a new page will be open where you will have to enter the required details.

Step 4: Here you have to attach all the required documents asked.

Step 5: Now simply click on submit.

Swasthya Sathi Package List

The package list for Swasthya Sathi scheme can be checked by anyone. Follow the below given steps to check the medical packages under the scheme.

  1. Visit the official online portal of the scheme.
  2. Here search for the package details option.
  3. Now click on the package details option.
  4. The lists of each package will be displayed on your screen.

Duare sarkar camp

The chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has announced that the Duyare Sarkar Camp will be functioning from 1 December. In this campaign benefits of the 11 state government-run schemes will be provided at the camps to the people who are eligible. Duare Sarkar (Government at doorsteps) programme started on Tuesday, as told by chief secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay.

In these 11 schemes, the most famous and acclaimed schemes such as “Kanyashree” (A cash transfer scheme which helps retaining girls in schools so that they can prevent early marriage), “Sikshashree” (One time grant provided to SC and ST students from class 5 to class VIII to go to their schools) and “Khadya Sathi” (providing food security to 90% population of the state) are included.

Other schemes like Rupa Shree (Financial grant of Rs.25,000 for the economically weaker section at the time of their daughter’s marriage is provided by the state government) “Jai Johar” (for the betterment of ST population), “Taposili Bondhu” (SC beneficiaries are provided pension) and “Akhyashree” (in which minority  students are provided scholarship) are also included.

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‎Swasthya Sathi Login

  1. The Swasthya Sathi login can be done by clicking on the link -> https://tms.swasthyasathi.gov.in/portal/LoginPage.html
  2. From the first option choose your SNA, district, CMOH, insurance, TPA, hospital, service provider, developer, or others.
  3. After this enter your username and password.
  4. Now click on sign in.

Swastha Sathi Key Functionality

The services are provided in the form of paperless, cashless, and entirely on the 64KB smartcard so the beneficiary’s whole information is stored in the digital encrypted card. The card is allotted during the enrolment. The smart card gets auto-renewal every year and is valid for life time period.

a) All Pre Existing Diseases Covered: The scheme covers all the pre-existing diseases and conditions from the start.

b) No Cap on Family Size, Parents for both Spouse included& Gender Empowerment: The card is issued to the eldest female member of the family. Also there is no cap on family size and parents. .

c) No Beneficiary Contribution: No contribution is required to made towards the insurance premium or the card cost from beneficiary as the government of West Bengal bears all the cost Of The premium which includes the cost of smart cards too..

d) All Transactions Smart Card Based Transactions: The services are provided in the form of paperless, cashless and entirely on the 64KB smartcard so the beneficiary’s whole information is stored in the digital encrypted card. The card is allotted during the enrolment. The smart card gets auto renewal every year and is valid for life time period..

e) Entire System on IT Platform: As the entire system is paperless so all the information stays on the cloud-based IT platform. Which becomes time-saving for both system and beneficiaries. Hence the services provided pretty fast.

f) Compulsory Pre-Authorization for Treatment: The Swasthya Sathi beneficiaries will be getting all the medical procedures/treatments hundred percent pre-authorise within 24 hours TAT (turnaround time).

g) Transparent Hospital Gradation: The scheme ensure that all the hospitals are grade based by the IC/TPA (Insurance company/third-party administrator). The marks are given on the facilities and services provided by the hospitals. The hospitals are grid-it based on the physical verification and is approved by empanelment committee under Swasthya Sathi.

h) Complete Cashless Hospitalization: Beneficiaries are provided expenses incurred for consultation, diagnostic test and medicines up to 1 day before that mission of the patient and it also include the cost of diagnostic test apart from food during the period of hospitalisation. Not only this the medicines are also provided to the beneficiaries for up to 5 days after discharge from the hospital for The ailment/surgery.

i) Rational Package Rates: 2092 Swasthya Sathi packages are available in the scheme. The rates of packages are dynamic and package rates are rationalised by the package selection committee when required.

j) SMS Alerts: Beneficiaries are alerted by SMS alerts during the period of hospitalisation and after the discharge too.

k) Swasthya Sathi Mobile App: The mobile application is easily downloadable from the Google play store. On the application grievances, information and one touch feature which lets you directly connect to the 24×7 helpline are provided.

l) Easy Outreach for All through Toll Free Call Centre and Social Media: The 24×7 toll free call centre (18003455384) is there for your assistance. Number is also printed on the back of your smartcard. Apart from this beneficiaries can also connect via social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

m) Transport Allowance after Discharge: At the time of discharge Rs.200 transport charges is payable to the patient according to the package. If the patient is admitted in the hospital is which are run by state government, additional transport allowance of Rs.200 and above is also provided.

n) Large network of Empanelled Hospitals: A very large network of more than 1500 empanelled hospitals are included in the Swasthya Sathi scheme under public domain. Every day more and more hospitals are added in the list.

o) Mandatory Claims Settlement through TAT of 30 Days: The turnaround time for claim settlement provided by the health care providers are monitored and settled online within 30 days otherwise as per the agreement interest would have to be paid.

p) Compulsory E- HR (E-Health Record) uploaded on portal: The server stores the E health records of the patient which can be consulted when required by the physicians with the help of their login credentials.

q) Proactive Disclosure of Monthly Analytical report: All this is available on the public domain for perusal and stakeholders can provide their suggestions.

r) Online Grievance Monitoring Mechanism: The Swasthya Sathi online portal is always open for stakeholders so that they can post their grievances.

s) Identification of Triggers and outliers through Machine Intelligence as well as Human Intervention: The hospitals/TPA/insurance includes system-based triggers. Which tells hospital with high admissions, number of high-value packages blog, higher package blocked and claimed but actually not done, unnecessary surgery done or kept under ICU, some package is blocked for many patients on particular date etc.

t) Interactive Website: as on 30th November 2019- 34, 43,436 number of persons viewed the website. There is interactive “May I Help You” option for general queries of the viewer. Eligibility, enrollment details in the web portal, can be viewed by the common people.

Abve we have given information regarding swasthya sathi scheme details in bengali, swasthya sathi prokolpo (sastho sathi prokolpo) & swasthya sathi card kaise banaye.