With the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, Reliance Jio came up with the announcement of “Jio Glass” which perfectly goes well with the ongoing situation that made people switch from the traditional classrooms to the 3D virtual classrooms. With the latest inventions made by Jio, Jio Glass provides you an ultimate top-notch technology with the best-in-class features. The services which it provides have led several people find it truly meaningful filled with promising immersive experiences to the users.

Recently, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) launches a mixed reality headset during the 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on July 15th.  In this meeting, Akash Ambani appeared in a 3D space as a virtual avatar and Isha Ambani-Anand Piramal appeared through a regular video call. Here the main motive behind this demo was to emphasize whether how Jio Glass is meant for the users who can indulge in meetings by sitting at their own house and conveniently join meetings in three dimensions.

What is Jio Glass?

Jio Glass mixed reality is one of the first smart glasses having a cutting edge of technology which is definitely giving users a meaningful immersive experience. The overall purpose of Jio glass is to make the virtual meetings and video calls that will be more accessible for the schools, colleges and businesses. This piece of innovation enables conduct meetings or conferences by supporting all sorts of sectors with its amazing mixed reality cloud feature. Despite being physically away, this latest innovation enables you to make sure that digital interaction can be felt more real. Thus it helps in bridging the gap between one person to another by collaborating entertainment solutions and video visibility in one fine piece of innovation.

Jio Glass Design in india

You can say it is one of the most innovative launches and the follow up of the Holo Board Mixed Reality Headset. This has been designed by the Tesseract subsidiary of the Jio Platform. The standard audio formats are also supported and customized where you don’t need an extra accessory for sound. Reliance company focused mainly on the need of an hour by coming up with Augmented Reality (AR) that enables collaborating with considering the anticipating requirements.

This new technology has amusing three-dimensional interaction allowances by primarily catering students, teachers and business personnel. Through the usage of this tool, users can host a 3D virtual room meeting where they can use holographic images of self or the graphs and can conduct a meeting in a holographic environment.

Extensive Jio Glass Specifications

Without much information to offer Jio Glass price in india definitely boosted its uses as a mixed-reality glass. Nonetheless, now it’s clear that it is suited well for education and entertainment. Isn’t that amazing? It also enables people to join video meetings, share files and presentations. Through this we get an overview that; Jio Glass perfectly matches its utilization by businesses and individuals. To watch any holographic content, this headset conducts classes via real-time, Jio mixed reality service. Below we put the light on various other Jio Glasses features .

  • Jio glass Online price range expected to be cost around INR 14000 ($200)
  • For connecting it to the internet, you are provided with a convenient cable to connect with the Smartphone.
  • Weighing 75 grams, doesn’t feels heavy on your ears and fits well for long hour’s usage.
  • No need of additional accessories, as it is already well equipped with in-built audio system which is customizable.
  • Boosted with 25 social media and video chat apps
  • Encourages virtual office meetings that include project presentations, sharing models in 3D and hologram formats.
  • Add-on JioMeet where schools can conduct their classes with popular landmarks, science experiments, animals experiments etc with this comfortable wear-on.
  • With a single camera at the middle, Jio Glass is a combined sleek Bose frames and Snapchat Spectacles.
  • It is powered by mixed reality which means users get to interact with their colleagues over a conference call.
  • Its 3-D avatar or regular 2D avatar video call format enables video conferences more lively.
  • Having a high resolution display capabilities, it is also compatible with voice commands. It also has a spatial and customized audio system.
  • The frame handles of the Jio Glass have a built-in speakers along with the battery are safely tucked.
  • Consisting 25 in-built apps, weighing 75 grams makes it perfect video meeting holder and more.
  • Supporting directional XR sound system and spatial.
  • Using a cable to power it up, it needs to be connected to your Smartphone to function.
  • Supporting all sorts of standard audio formats along with HD video quality.
  • Quick sharing and viewing of any content whether you want to view at giant virtual screen which resembles to the Oculus VR headset.

Jio Glass Review

Hence, it is really an exciting prospect, with the upcoming sources. Google invested around Rs. 33,737 cr., in Jio platforms. With the latest Jio glass specs of future plans Reliance, Jio Glass seems to be an amazing piece of technology that is innovative and fruitful if made available to the public. Interaction with digital presentation demonstrations leads in making meetings easier and customer-friendly visuals of video call interface. Jio Glass enables conducting meetings with people from any part of the world effectively. Collaborations between Google and Jio have taken a track towards the launch of a 5G phone that focuses on helping around millions of Indians. Making 3D avatars appear better in the virtual world, Jio Glass will primarily serve both entertainments, education, and entrepreneurs meetings with its top-notch high tech capabilities.   Looking at the ongoing pandemic situation, launching Jio Glass at this time where traditional ways of meetings have taken a stroll, online meetings can be more a marvelous piece of interaction.

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