PUBG mobile has been banned in India on 2 September by the Ministry of information and technology of India with 118 Chinese apps and games from the Google play store and the App Store. The PUBG mobile was India’s most loved mobile game and has millions of users in the country. The game has been banned from the Google play store and App Store and the servers are permanently closed from India. But the users from different countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are able to play the global version of PUBG mobile. However, there are many fans of PUBG mobile Korea as well. But many of the users are facing a common problem which is “Fix Network error, Login failed. Please check your network settings“. So how to fix this problem and what is this problem actually? Do not worry as we are here to help you out and resolve the error so that the PUBG mobile Kr version can be played on your android and iOS devices easily.

Disclaimer: PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile lite are banned in India. The Ministry of electronics and information technology has denied the use and downloading of the game in our country. So users should not download or play the game, players from other nations can use the game for free. Kindly obey the government’s decisions. We do not hold any responsibility for the viewer’s decisions, as we are just providing the information gathered from the internet.  This information is for those where the game is legal to play.

What is Network Error Login Failed Pubg Mobile Kr

This error comes up on your screen when you open the PUBG mobile KR version on your android and iOS devices. Due to this error users are unable to open the game or login into the game via their user account. This error message can be seen when you open the game on your device. Login feet please check apart from this users also get the error of Server is Currently Under Maintenance and Server is Busy Please Try Again Later Error Code Restrict Area sometimes which can be fixed easily as we have provided the information on our website as well. Both the errors stop the users to open and play the game on their mobile devices. Today we are going to provide you easy steps to solve or fix the error 100%.

Network Error Login Failed Pubg Mobile Kr

How To Fix Network Error Login Failed in Pubg Mobile Kr

If you are also facing the same error that we have discussed above just simply follow the below-given method that we have provided. These steps will definitely solve your problem and you will be able to play the PUBG mobile Korea version on your mobile devices easily.


The first method is really easy and has worked for many users. If this method does not work for you do not worry as the second method will definitely work for you and it has been tried by multiple users and has worked like a magic with 100% guaranteed working of the game. Just follow the simple solution that we have provided below.

  • This fix is for both android and iPhone.
  • In this method, you just have to open the game on your mobile device and click on the Repair button.
  • After this click on routine repair and let the game restart.
  • If the game starts working then you can enjoy the game if it doesn’t then simply follow the below-given method at it will surely work for you.


This method is a sure shot success as it has worked on every device which had the problem in the game. So enjoy the PUBG KR version on your mobile by easily following the below given steps.

How to Fix Network Error Login Failed issue in Android

How To Fix Network Error Login Failed in Pubg Mobile

  1. Firstly, remove the PUBG kr from the background. (It should not open in the background).
  2. Now download Solo VPN or Fly VPN for android from the Google play store.
  3. Now open the VPN and select the South Korean server and press the connect button.
  4. After that open the PUBG mobile Kr on your device and login into the game. You can see that the game has started running and you’re not receiving any error on your screen.
  5. Now an important step to remember is that in order to get a perfect ping on your device you will have to toggle back to the VPN app and disconnect it.
  6. Now you will get a perfect Bing and you can enjoy the game easily.

An important note to remember is that after opening the game you might get a notice that you will have to choose the server for yourself. Please choose the best server for yourself. If you are from Sri Lanka or Nepal the best server for you will be Asia. So stay on your server otherwise changing different servers will affect your game ranking, Royal pass, and history as well.

How to Fix Network Error Login Failed issue in iOS

How to Fix Network Error Login Failed issue in iOS

The same steps are for iOS users as well. Follow the below-given steps in order to enjoy the game.

  1. Close the PUBG Kr game on your iOS device.
  2. Now open the App Store and search for Fastway VPN.
  3. After this download the Fastway VPN on your device and open it.
  4. From here select the southeast Asia region like south Korean server or Japan Server and connect to it.
  5. Now open the PUBG Korea version on your iOS device and login. As the game starts toggle back to the VPN application and disconnect in order to get the perfect thing for yourself.

Note: Remember to stay in your same region otherwise changing the region might erase all your gameplay data such as ranking and battle pass.

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