Jio Glass Reviews – Analyzing The Innovative And Advanced Jio Glass

Jio is a telecommunication corporation in India and it is not only a telecom network but also serves as an entire ecosystem that allows Indian people to enter into a digital life at fullest. This network encloses powerful broadband networks, smart devices, best-in-class services, and useful applications. Jio’s media provides a vast variety of live programs such as music, sports, movies, events, and also you can catch up on television. Further, in this rapidly developing era, Jio has brought us innovative and amazing jio glass for making 3D video calls.

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Reliance launches Jio Glass – What it is and how it works

A Summary On Jio Glass:

With more advancement, the Reliance Industries Limited has brought us a new Mixed Reality Solution during its 43rd Annual General Meeting which was known as Jio Glass. Jio glass was designed by Reliance Industries Limited to help the people in creating the official and school meetings. Moreover, it helps the students and teachers to design 3D digital rooms. Through this 3D digital room, the students can also provide presentations. This glass will be very helpful during this lockdown situation and it makes interaction more effective and brings an enhancement through its 3D virtual rooms for both learners and teachers.

Jio Glass features and specifications

Stunning Specifications Of Jio Glass:

When coming to specifications, it has a single camera and it weighs just 75 grams. The users can easily connect this device to the phone through an inbuilt sound system. This device has a high-resolution display and supports 25 applications. This jio glass has a voice command facility and it is easy for the users to handle it. Apart from this info, we can hope for more information in the upcoming days. Before thinking about purchasing the jio glass, we should know about jio glass reviews.

Jio Glass Reviews

The jio glass is the best innovative technology with more advantages for both teachers and students to design a digital meeting during this pandemic situation. Further, the jio glass reviews are listed below.

  • When looking at the design, jio glass is coupled with the combination of Snapchat spectacles and Bose frames. But, distinct from spectacles, the jio glass has a camera in middle.
  • Additional advantage of Jio glass is that it has inbuilt speakers and battery and it was very safely tucked.
  • In the case of video, it supports all kinds of HD quality video; and in terms of audios, it supports all formats of audio.
  • When speaking about functionality, the jio glass was designed with mixed reality. Through this, the users can communicate with others using a conference call with either a 3D avatar or a regular 2D format of the video call. Moreover, the users can share and a view presentation on a giant digital screen during this holographic video calls and this is similar to the Oculus VR headset.
  • Finally, the jio glass is compatible with its voice command facility. If you want to place a call via jio glass, then you can simply raise a voice command saying that call X and Y.

Still, the number of finest jio glass reviews remains less because the Reliance Industries Limited does not confirm the price or availability of the jio glass in the market. But, we can have hope that it will be available from next month. Further, it was priced for about 14,000 in India.


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