Reliance Jio has over 100 million subscribers in the country which are availing the free benefits like free 4G high-speed internet unlimited voice calling and messages. The free offer is stated to be live only until 31st March 2017 but the customers can avail the free services like free unlimited data and free calls by getting themselves enrolled under the Jio Prime Membership offer which will cost just Rs. 99 annually and the Jio Prime Membership the last date is 31st March 2017. This is a one-time payment only. It has been reported that only 25-27 million customers have enrolled under the Prime Plan which is quite less as per the expectation of the company. So, as per the latest reports, we can hear the news “Reliance Jio Offer Extended” by the company as Jio is looking forward to increasing its subscribers. Hence, the offer can be extended until April 30, 2017.

Good News for the Jio subscribers as the Jio Offer may extend until 30th April 2017. 

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Jio Offer Extended

According to sources, as of now, only 2.70 million subscribers have registered themselves under the offer launched on March 1. The company’s target was about 5 million. This shows that only 50 percent of the people have registered. However, the company expects that more people will be connected to Jio ahead of the offer period. Hence, there will be no surprise if the company extends the last date for Jio offer extended until June 2017.

Reliance Jio Offer Extended

How to Enroll in Jio Prime?

You can become a prime member until March 31 but the date may get extend,  you will have to visit the MyJio app or Apart from this, a prime membership can be obtained by visiting the Reliance Digital Store, Jio Store or any other Jio Partner Store.

Features in Jio Prime Plan

The various features that the customers will get are as follows:

  • Unlimited benefits that the users are getting in the Jio New Year Plan will be same and hence will be extended for 12 months more until 31 March 2018 for which the users will just have to pay Rs. 303 per month.
  • Free Jio Media services like Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio Chat etc.
  • More value plans will be announced especially for Jio Prime members whose details will be on My Jio app.

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