As employees are increasingly working remotely, they need to be able to access their company data regardless of location. This is where a virtual information center is the solution. By using infrastructure-as-a-service, a cloud service provider provides you with the ability to deploy scalable virtual servers, storage and more designed for enterprise workloads. This solution can also help cut costs by allowing you to utilize the model of consumption where you pay for only the processing power and hardware you actually require.

Traditional data centers that are physically located require an enormous upfront and ongoing financial investment to build and manage them. Cloud-based virtualization can significantly cut down these expenses. This allows a business to get up and running quickly.

In the case of protecting your important data, virtual data centers provide more flexibility than hardware on site. It can be transferred to another server instance in just a few minutes in the event of a power interruption or a disaster. This can help you minimize the impact on productivity of employees and customer satisfaction.

Stratus Innovations Group will help you establish a virtual datacenter for your business. We do this by designing a scalable architecture that maximizes Azure’s capabilities and resources. We’ll create the security plan that specifies access for all groups who require access to your data center, such as IT/Support and Engineering. This will ensure only appropriate applications are used in a virtual environment and stop hackers from stealing important information.

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