New-season comes every second-third month in Pubg and everyone competes with their friends to push Pubg Game Rank. To do pubg rank push you must know some Advanced Techniques or Advanced Gaming Skills. Only then you can easily go from Gold to Conqueror by doing Rank Push in Pubg Mobile Game. In this post, you are going to tell you Pro Tips to reach conquerer in 3 days which will get your question completely clear, along with being pubg rank pushing and Pubg Game Rank Push along with your Gaming Skills will also improve. So let’s know how to increase the rank in Pubg mobile. But before that, let us know which rank is there in Pubg Game and how many points are there, what are the rewards of pushing the rank so let’s start Pubg game Rank Push.

How to push rank in pubg mobile

In Pubg game, there is a rank of 8 types, in which Bronze is the smallest and Conqueror is the highest pubg rank, then first of all know. How many Points are required to push Pubg Game Rank and what Reward is available on which rank, pubg mobile rank list or pubg mobile ranking points list. So let’s talk about how to push Pubg Game Rank 20 amazing Pro techniques about pubg rank push tips which you will reach in fasted Ace Conqueror.

Pubg Rank NameRank Push PointsRank Push Reward.
1.Bronze1000200 silver coin
2.Silver1700400 silver coin
3.Gold2200600 silver coin & legendary outfit
4.Platinum2700800 silver coin
5.Diamond32001000 S. C. And kar98 Skin
6. Crown37001300 S. C, Name Tag Frame, Team Effects
7. Ace Privilege42001600 S.C. S9 Ace Title, Name Tag Frame, Legendary Team Effect
8. Conqueror42002000 S.C. Conqueror Title, Conqueror name tag, Team Effect Mythic And photo Frame

10 Pro Tips: How to reach conqueror in one day

  1. To go to the top in any game, you must have the powerful skill of the game, only then you can qualify the top level, before the rank push in the pubg game, you have to have a great skill or advanced techniques to take the fight. These Skills can be made in Arcade game or Evoground, so first of all you play gameplay Arcade or Evoground, in that your Gaming skill greatly improves.
  2. Pubg Mobile Rank is the most important to push the survival time. If you reach the top 20 or the top 10 in a match then you never get point minus. If you are killed in 5-10 minutes of the beginning, then you go into your points minus which is ranked below you, then you have to go to some safe place and take a fight only after looting, which will increase your survival time.
  3. If you want to survive till the last, then you have to collect the Medicine Painkiller Drink first in the beginning because in the Last Zone you have to be very close to the circle because if you go to the beach and camp, then you can be a victim of the headshot. is.
  4. So if you stay close to the circle, you will be saved and you can also kill the Enemy but sometimes the Last Zone can overtake you, so you have to have medicine, only then you can push the Fasted Pubg game rank.
  5. If you are able to serve till the last circle, then you have to take special care of John because according to John, you can kill Annie score by camping in a good place and in the last, without ever covering the fiar, then Enemy is your Will know the position and kill you.
  6. If you are doing Rank Push in Squad, then make your own separate team because your teammate will have full knowledge of your gameplay because very bad players sometimes come in Random. And never forget to think of Enemy as Noob, because many times Pro Player slaps you by acting like a noob.
  7. Always decide on your own that you have to land because many times a second dam can take you to the wrong place where you can get killed quickly. This will be reversed by the push of being a rank push, so you have to land yourself at the safe place of the decision, only then you can push Fasted Pubg mobile rank.
  8. To do any work, there should be good material for that work. Same way, to collect good guns to rank in Pubg Game, which you do well. Do not take any high point gun at the behest of someone else, if you are a good sniper, then move the sniper.
  9. There are 4 maps to push rank in PUBG game erangel, sanhok, vikendi, Miramar with Miramar being the largest and smallest shanhok and highest Kill rating of Miramar. So if you want Kill Rating, survival time more than Miramar is not played, otherwise, it is the best Map Erengal, you have all the things in it.
  10. In Kill Renting OR Survival Rating you get more skill points, then, in the beginning, you have to focus on loot and in the last, you have to focus on Kill also, if your kill and Survival time is more then you will get more points. The more important your Damage is, the more points you get, the more Damage is for your kill and Blue Zone.

How to increase rank in Pubg Game?

You must know these important things before doing Pubg Me Rank Push.

  • First, you chose which server you have to push rank on, especially in Pubg game there are 5 servers Europe, North America, South America, Asia, KRJP.
  • If you play one match on Asia Server, other matches will be counted on different servers in such a way that your match rank points will be counted on different servers.
  • If your rank will not increase, then you have to choose a server, play matches on the same server. It will push your rank quickly
  • Now you have selected your server, in Pubg, you can play matches in two ways, TTP (third-person perspective) and FPP (first-person perspective), so in which you play well, you have to choose the action mode and play it.
  • Because it will make your controls better and you will be able to push the rank in the game in PUBG.
  • Now you have also Chose your Action Mode, now you can play the game by making Pubg Game Single (Solo), 2 players (Duo), and 4 Player (Squad).
  • You also have to select which mode you want to play because all the points on the Solo Duo ya Squad will be included in different modes, so play the game in the mode in which you have to push the rank.
  • Now let’s talk about the few Amazing Pro Tips Pubg mobile rank push of Main Topic which will help 101% in pushing your Pubg Game Rank in 3 days.