What do you think is the most essential messaging app that you use daily? What else than WhatsApp? WhatsApp is among the most used social messaging app in the world. The original WhatsApp comes with a lot of features but that are limited to an extent that’s where WhatsApp mod apk comes in handy. The famous aero WhatsApp makes everything extra productive and enjoyable. This app lets you customize the WhatsApp application according to you will you get lots of features which you do not get in the official app. The most amazing thing that this app provides you is themes. There are thousands of WhatsApp themes that you can find on this application which you can use to customize your phone for free. So, enhance your home display and tabs according to you by using the free aero themes for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Aero Themes

Using Aero WhatsApp you can get all the settings under a single button where you can get services like aero privileges menu, message scheduler, privacy, auto-reply to contacts and change the subject matter by a simple click of a button. Not only this you can choose different transition effects between your home display and tabs from the multiple options of themes.

  • Download Aero Whatsapp Themes: you can choose between 3000+ subject matter for free on the aero WhatsApp application.
  • Load subject matters: in case you’re having a newly downloaded theme to upload.
  • Store/Repair Aero theme: Apply customize settings to your existing themes. Navigate the .xml file at Whatsapp>Aero.
  • Reset preference: there are too many options in AeroWhatsApp where sometimes it becomes too confusing for the user so you can reset everything back to default by clicking on the reset button.
  • Delete all saved/installed themes: use this feature wisely because you will not be able to retrieve it back any more on your device.
App nameAero WhatsApp
Last Updated1 day ago
App version8.60
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
App Size42 MB
Main TaskFully customized Whatsapp Mod with hidden features.
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt

Aero WhatsApp latest Apk

The AeroWhatsApp can be downloaded from the above-given link by this the Aero WhatsApp iOS theme download will be included in your downloads folder in .XML file format.

Below we have provided a List of Aero WhatsApp Themes, which can be downloaded for free.

1.) Download Pure iOS 14 WhatsApp For Android 2020

Aero WhatsApp theme ios have been given below.

Download iOS WhatsApp Theme – Aero WhatsApp

aero whatsapp theme ios

    iOS 14 WA Black Theme     iOS 14 WA White Theme

How To Install iOS WhatsApp in Android

WhatsApp iOS version for android smartphone is very easy just follow the below given instruction for a hassle fee installation process.

Fresh installation (no chats)

  • In the fresh installation, there will be no previous chats available in your new iOS WhatsApp.
  • Download the WhatsApp iOS Apk by clicking on the above-given download button.
  • Install the APK file on your android device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Enter and verify your mobile number.
  • After this iOS WhatsApp Aero Apk will be installed on your device.

Restore chat back up installation

  • Restoring will include all the chat with the contacts that you have made previously. For this, any other WhatsApp application will have to be uninstalled.
  • Open the internal storage of your device and the name the WhatsApp folder to WhatsApp old.
  • Uninstall any WhatsApp application that has been previously installed on your device.
  • Download the Aero iOS WhatsApp apk from the above-given download button.
  • Now open the internal storage and rename the WhatsApp old to WhatsApp.
  • After this install the APK as usual where it will ask you to restore chat back up click on restore.
  • Verify your mobile number and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now you can enjoy the WhatsApp iOS on your device.

2.) Hulk Aero



Follow the above given same steps which we have given for iOS theme to download this theme.

3. ) Pink Rabbit Theme For Fouad WhatsApp & YOWhatsApp By Robson

Aero WhatsApp themes download


Follow the above given same steps which we have given for iOS theme to download this theme.

4.) Blue IOS Theme

aero whatsapp theme download


Follow the above given same steps which we have given for iOS theme to download this theme.


This application is the best WhatsApp mod version on the Internet as it has limitless features which any other WhatsApp apk mod provides to you. Have a look at the amazing features of AeroWhatsApp.

No need to uninstall original WhatsApp: This application is a great one, as this application doesn’t require you to install the original app whereas all the other similar applications will let you uninstall the original WhatsApp. This application can work as a secondary application for you and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Aero themes: The application will provide you a rich user interface by giving you the choice of different teams as the developer has added more themes to Foudmakdad’s yo WhatsApp and other versions. The app provides you thousand of teams to choose from which suits your personality.

Home screen customization: this application is different from other similar apps as it lets you customize the home screen according to you. So choose from the style which suits you the best all the styles which the app supports have been given below.

  • WA-AERO (Default)
  • Telegram
  • WANH
  • NL Mods
  • Stock
  • WACA
  • Prime V1 to V6F

Extra Features

  • You can send more than 10+ images at once to the contacts.
  • Your data is automatically backed up because of the titanium backup functionality.
  • Users can enable or disable the proximity Centre according to them.
  • Send HQ or high-quality HD pics and images to anyone.
  • Set up a password on your app to get more security.
  • The application lets you turn off the Internet which is also known as the DND mode.
  • Now you can send a video up to 100 Mb to your contacts.
  • Hide any media from the gallery so that your pictures, videos, and gifs stay secure.
  • Disable the ‘forward messages’ notification when you forward someone a message.
  • You can chat and delete statuses and messages.
  • Change font styles according to you.
  • Emoji variants are also provided and you can add any Facebook emoji to the conversation too.
  • Customize your conversation screen according to you.
  • Schedule messages for your productivity and save time.
  • Add an Instagram style stories to your status.
  • This is a totally anti-ban WhatsApp mod that provides you more security.
  • Anti-revoke messages and status features are also given in the app so that someone deletes the message of status you can see that.

Hidden Features

  • While copying a message you can hide the date and time.
  • Hide the double tick and blue tick as well.
  • Hide the forward tag as well.


Whenever we use any Apk our main concern is privacy. Whatsapp aero Apk has been modified by Hazar Who is a well renowned XDA developer who has developed Instagram mods such as aeroinsta and many other applications.

  • Freeze Last Seen: You will need to restart Aero WhatsApp
  • Disable Forwarded Message tag
  • Custom Privacy: Coming soon
  • Hide View Status: View others without any problem
  • Who can call me: Everyone/My contacts/My Contacts Except/Particular Contact/Nobody
  • Anti Revoke Messages: If someone deletes the message in the chat window, then you can still see the message.
  • Show the bluetick after you reply to the contact.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is for educational purposes only. We do not claim to be the official source for the information nor we distribute the files and thus we do not take any responsibility for the information and links provided above. Visit the aero Whatsapp official website to know more about it. All the information has been taken from the internet.


Do I need to download the iOS Theme separately?

Yes you will have to download both the Aero WhatsApp iOS 14 2020 theme and WhatsApp arrow apk.

Whats is WhatsApp Aero?

Using Aero WhatsApp you can get all the settings under a single button where you can get services like aero privileges menu, message scheduler, privacy, auto-reply to contacts and change the subject matter by a simple click of a button.

How do I uninstall Aero on WhatsApp?

ress Options > Uninstall > OK or Uninstall. This will remove the app and all of its data.