Screenshot Machine Jio Phone: Jio phone is the most famous feature phone in the market right now which provides 4G connectivity to its users. Jio mobile is the best seller in our country in the range of budget phones as it provides those features which can only be seen in smartphones. VoLTE Technology provides Wi-Fi support and Google assistant in the Jio mobile, which makes it no less than a smartphone. Hence people are searching for how to take a screenshot in Jio phone by screenshot machine. Well, there are two main methods which you can use to take a screenshot on your Jio phone apart from this we are going to tell you a very special method which is the easiest and amazing way to take a screen capture by your Jiophone device. So we will tell you how to take screenshot in jio phone of Rs 1500 keypad using a screenshot machine.

What is Screenshot Machine

The Screenshotmachine is a modern website that takes screenshot of the whole website just by entering the URL of the website. You can take a website screenshot with screenshot API for your desktop, tablet, phone or you can also take the full website screenshot captured using the capture website option of the app. Apart from this, you can try the free screenshot API to Capture online Web page screenshot. Capture any webpage no matter how long the webpage is. You can also take the whole website snapshot using this amazing API.

Screenshot in jio phone

Jio Phone lets you use various applications like Free Fire and Fau G Game. The second-generation Jio phone has many pre-installed apps which include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, JioTV, Jio Cinema, MyJio app, Google maps and various other applications. For this we sometimes need to click the screen shots, so that we can share it with our friends and family. There are many ways to take a screenshot in the Jio phone but screenshot machine is the ultimate option for you to click amazing webpage screenshot in your mobile without any problem

How To Take Screenshot In Jio Phone?

Jio phone screenshot can be captured in three different ways the two ways are the traditional ways in which the smartphones can take screenshot. One is using volume down button in jio phone and power button. The other is Google Assistant. Users also want to know which is power button in Jio phone? Which we have provided the information and step-by-step guide so that you can take screenshot without any problem.

Method 1:  Jio Phone Screenshot Machine

Follow the steps to click Screenshots in Jio Phone by Screenshotmachine.

  • To capture screenshot you have to copy the URL of any webpage.
    jio phone screenshot
  • Go to Google and search for Screenshot machine or directly click here ->
  • Now on the Homepage, you will see a Search Bar where you will just have to paste the URL of the Page.
    Screenshot Machine
  • Click on Capture Website.
  • After the processing, click on Download Screenshot Button.
  • Your screenshot will be download on your device.

Method 2: Take Screenshot On Jio Phone By Using Buttons

  • Unlock your Jio phone and go to the page, which you want to take a screenshot.
  • Now locate the power button and volume down button on your Jio phone.
    (The power button is the red button that you use for disconnecting your calls and volume down button is the scroll down button in your Jio phone which is under the mic button).
  • Press both buttons simultaneously for two seconds.
  • Your screenshot will be captured in the Jio phone now.
  • You will see an alert on your screen on which it will be written “ screenshot saved to…”
  • Simply click on OK button and your screenshot will be saved in photos.

screenshot on jio phone

Method 3: JioPhone Screenshot by Google Assistant

  • Unlock your Jio phone.
  • Now long press the mic button which is located in the centre of the navigation keys.
  • To activate the Google assistant you have to say ‘OK GOOGLE’.
  • After this say ‘take a screenshot’
  • Google assistant will capture the screenshot of your current screen on Jio phone.
  • To find a screenshot simply locate the gallery – screenshot folder in jiophone.

Where to find the captured screenshot in Jio Phone?

The screenshots which you have captured by using the above given methods can be found in your Jio phone easily for that simply check out the below given guide to guide steps.

  • Unlock your Jio phone.
  • Click on the menu.
  • In the menu, click on gallery.
  • Locate and enter the ‘screenshots’ folder.
  • Here you can find and view all the screenshot you have taken in your Jio phone.

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