After marching the heights in the telecom industry, Reliance Jio is going to increase the number of its users. Jio has released two new plans for its customers which will provide a 100 percent cashback offer on its JioFi 4G router. In the first offer Reliance Jio will offer a great deal on your old 2G/3G dongle. Under this offer, the company will replace the old dongle with a new jiofi device. Through this offer, the company wants to attract consumers which use dongles, data cards, and Wi-Fi routers. Today we will tell you about Reliance JioFi 100% Cashback Offer- Get Free Data for 1 year.

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jiofi exchange offer

Get 100 % Cashback on the JioFi Exchange offer

Under the first plan, a 100% exchange offer will be given to those users who exchange their existing data card, dongle or hotspot router at Jio Digital Store or Jio Xpress Store. This will get them 4G data of Rs. Rs. 1999. Customers will have to pay Rs. 1999 for JioFi router and after this the first recharge of Rs. 408 will be mandatory. In this way, the customer will get 4G data for a year and that too free of cost. Hence, by this, the cost of the device becomes zero.

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Get Free Data of Rs. 1005 without exchange

Under the second offer, users will be given JioFi device in Rs.1999 and after the first mandatory 408 rupees, they will get 4G data of Rs.1005. Under this plan, the customers do not need to exchange their old device, router or dongle. After buying the JioFi device users will have to get a recharge of Rs. 408 and they will get Free data services for 84 days.

Final Conclusion

So, according to the plans, we can say that the first plan is better for those who have old dongles. While the second plan is better for those users which have laptops, 2G / 3G phone, and tablet. Reliance Jio Infocomm. is currently selling four JioFi devices in the market, whose names are JioFi 1 Router, JioFi 2 Router, JioFi 3 Router, JioFi 4 Dongle.

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