Psiphon pro settings for jio 2020: As we all know the internet services in Kashmir are stopped by the government of India. So the the people of Kashmir are deprived in suing internet. The government of India has blocked internet services because of illegal activities and because of the terrorism. It has been found the terrorists from Pakistan used Internet in Kashmir by using VPN. Therefore the government have also blocked the VPN services in Kashmir. Apart from this users from different states where VPN is legal can check this post.

Psiphon Pro Settings for Jio

Psiphon pro settings for jio in kashmir

Many kashmiri and Jammu brothers and sisters are in search for Psiphon pro settings for jio kashmir. So that they can get valuable information for themselves because internet is needed by everyone. Some of the students are deprived from Colleges and schools as the Global pandemic (Covid-19) spread throughout in the world. So for the online classes they are in need for internet but everyone should respect the decision government of our country. So, a little wait is needed in these tough times. Hence, we cannot provide any information which goes against the guidelines.

Note: We Respect the Government of India and do not promote and provide any information against our country. Hence, we are not responsible for any fraudulent activity. Readers discretion is advised. 

Psiphon pro vpn settings for jio

For the users in other states (where VPn is legal) the psiphon pro vpn settings for jio area available on the official website of the application which is 

Psiphon Pro VPN Download

To download the App you just have to follow the below given steps:

  1. The application can be downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple App Store.
  2. Or simply Download from this link
  3. Click on the lick to Download the App.
  4. After downloading wait for installation.
  5. After installation, Open the App.
  6. Enable Configuration in Phone settings.
  7. Click on Connect now.
  8. Now you are connected to internet.

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