Play store download for Jio phone 2020: Jio phone has been a benchmark phone in the list of feature phone market as the phone provides 4G connectivity to its users. No other feature phone provides 4G connectivity like Jio mobile does, that is the main reason the phone has been the best seller in our country in the range of budget phones.

It should be known that the Jio phone and Jiophone 2 both run on KaiOS operating system which supports various apps like Facebook WhatsApp and YouTube as they are installable on the phone. There are other apps that the users of Jio phone are unable to use as they are only provided on the play store so, in order to download the play store in your phone, you will have to check the information that we have provided below. Let’s see full information about the play store app download jio phone.

Play store for jio phone

Jio phone Play Store Download is a must-have app that should be installed on your phone as it is very necessary to download the various applications like Disha App and famous games like Free Fire and Fau g game. The second generation Jio phone has many pre-installed apps which include WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, JioTV, Jio Cinema, MyJio app, Google maps and various other applications. Although there is Jio App Store in the Jio phone but still people want to do play store download apk for Jio phone So that they can use the Google play store on their phone let’s check the steps for play store downloading in Jio phone.

Play Store Download for Jio Phone

How To Download Play Store On Jio Phone

Follow the below-given steps to download and install Google play store on Jio phone device:

  1. In order to download play store on your Jio phone you should have your mobile data or Wi-Fi enabled.
  2. Now open browser in your Jio phone.
  3. Enter Google play store in the search box of your browser.
  4. Once it gets loaded login into it.
  5. Now click on install button which is next to the play store icon.
  6. After this play store apps on your Jio phone can be downloaded.

How To Install Play Store On JioPhone

Now lets check the steps for google jio phone play store install in jio phone or jio phone play store download app install:

  1. Once the application is downloaded on your Jiophone Open the file.
  2. Now tap on the install button if you have downloaded the play store apk download jio phone.
  3. Now the APK file will get installed on your phone.
    After the finishing of the installation process, you will be able to search for your favorite apps on the play store for JioPhone.

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What are JioPhone 2 Specifications?

Here are the specs for Jio Phone 2:
QWERTY keypad MD 4-way Navigation key
LTE Band 3.5,40
Dual SIM (nano.4FF)
Headphone jack
SD Card up to 128 GB
Battery with charger
Four-way navigation system
MP (Back) / VGA (Front) camera
Loud Mono Speaker
2.4-inch QVGA display
FM radio
Phone contact book
Call history facility
Jio apps
Microphone and speaker

Can I install Play Store in Jio phone?

Open browser in your Jio phone.
Enter Google play store in the search box of your browser.
Once it gets loaded login into it.
Now click on the install button which is next to the play store icon.

How do I install apps on my Jio phone?

You can install any app on jio phone with the help of the play store. You can search the apps on the search button and click on the install button to download the apps.

How do I install Google on my Jio phone?

To get google assistance on jio phone, you need to update your jio phone. Go to the setting option, select the device option and click on the software update button. Now the Google Assistant icon available on the app list.


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