If you too are wondering about using Jio 4g sim in 3g smartphones, then here is what you need to know about Reliance’s plans.

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Jio 4g Sim in 3g Phones

Well, here is what the problem is.

You cannot use Jio 4g in 3g smartphones at this moment.

Basically, Reliance is going to offer its services on all LTE supported smartphones and so you first need to check whether your phones comes into that category or not.

Check out the list of smartphones that are eligible for JIO 4g Sims – Jio 4g supported smartphones.

How are LTE phones better?

Long term evolution, which has ten times faster than 3g bands and network traffic is aligned to a single user. LTE differs from 4g they are not the same. 4g is 10 times faster than LTE. If it’s a true 4g it can offer you upto 1gb/sec which is really faster than LTE! that’s all i know. – Poola Satish Kumar on Quora. 


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