Reliance Jio has introduced a jio new plans prepaid for Jio users. This plan is also one of the cheapest prepared recharge plans in India. The cost of this plan is Rs 1. This plan Was silently introduced by Reliance Jio. This plan offers a 100 MBPS data pack with a validity of 30 days. After the consumer consumes 100 MB of data the internet speed will drop down to 60 4KBPS. While the other telecom operators like VI or Airtel have increased their Tariff charges by 25%, Jio reliance has launched a value plan for the consumers at a price of 1 rupee.

This plan also allows the customer to queue up multiple recharges of one rupee if the previous plan will get exhausted. The other plan would be in the queue to replace the previous plan. This particular plan is for those consumers who Aren’t regularly Browsing online or don’t want to purchase more data. This plan saves money for the telecom consumer.

jio 1 rs plan details

Reliance Jio surprisingly launched this plan that is become the cheapest plan provided by any telecom industry in India. Surprisingly this plan is also cheaper than Jio exhausted 1 GB add-on data plan of Rs.15. If you queue this plan 10 times then you will get a 1GB data add-on for Rs.10. Because of that, you can save five rupees. However, this plan is currently not available for everyone. This plan is only visible for the Jio subscribers in the MyJio app value section or under other plans. This is one of the most affordable prepaid plans launched by Jio reliance for 30 days of validity and offering of hundred MB of high-speed data.

The benefit of jio recharge plan 2021 1RS

  • Talking about the benefits available in Jio’s one rupee plan, then a total of 30 days validity is available in this plan.
  • 100 MB high-speed data is being offered by Jio to the customers in the 1 rupee plan.
  • When the 100 MB data limit of this plan is exhausted, the internet speed will drop to 60 kbps.
  • A calling and messaging facility is not provided in this plan.
  • In such a situation, this plan can prove to be very useful to keep any SIM active.

Highlights of the reliance rupees one prepaid plan

  • Jio provides an Essential data plan that offers a 100 MB Data plan to their users.
  • This Data add-on plan comes with the validity of 30 days. After the consumer consumed 100 MB of data then the 4G internet speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps.
  • You can also do multiple recharge of Rs.1.
  • You can add a queue of recharges so that if one gets exhausted the other would be automatically replaced with the previous one.
  • There are many customers who Do not use internet data much and because of that, they end up wasting their data.
  • This plan is essential for those Customers who aren’t the most Online and don’t want to purchase any data pack.

jio 1 rs plan recharge

  • This new and affordable Jio prepaid plan is not for every Jio consumer.
  • This plan is for those consumers who are a subscriber of Jio.
  • If you want to avail of this plan and want to check if you are eligible then you need to click on the MyJio app.
  • In the MyJio application click on the recharge section.
  • Now you need to click on the value option next to the top-up menu.
  • Under the value, section click on the other plan option.
  • Now you can see Rs.1 Jio plan. Simply click on the buy plan option.