As we all know Tamil Nadu state government price of best to digitalize kind of process related to government actions which help the general public to is up the process of any kind of government activity is to save their time. Recently Tamil Nadu Government launches if IFHRMS online portal for the citizens of Tamil Nadu full stop the full form of if HRMS is an integrated financial and human resource management system. This is an official portal by the government which helps the citizens of the state for financing and HRM purposes. This portal helps the government to take care of any kind of monetary system of the government as well as help them to handle the human resource aspect related to state governance. Due to this government implicating a project which is called the IFHRMS project with an age-integrated financial and human resource management system project.

Karuvoolam IFHRMS Portal

IFHRMS portal is basically a free tool that helps to provide any kind of long-term solution related to the Department of Finance and treasury. This portal helps to ease up any kind of activities related to finance and the Treasury Department or any kind of function related to its full stop it also handles other government departments of other fields. This system helps to track down all the monetary or financial activities related to corporate at integrating with including the Human Resource Department with works dependently on digital generation tools for their employees. IFHRMS portal includes activities like pension management submission of pay bills loan sanctions etc. You can also download IFMRMS payslip from IFHRMS Karuvoolam.

The Portal also manages the employees and recoveries and maintain their service and monetary records. And for that, we can say that if HRMS project is the first in such a kind project in our country with a remote digitalization process under the government sectors. This project is a Great initiative launched by the Tamil Nadu Government which helps them to use better state resources with efficiency.

Overview of IFHRMS Portal

Organization NameIFHRMS Portal
IFHRMS Full FormIntegrated Financial And Human Resource Management System
Department NameTreasuries and Accounts
Authority or State NameDepartment of Finance, Tamilnadu
Official Website

Ifhrms login index – How do I log into Ifhrms?

If you are facing any kinds of login problem related to if HRMS portal you can read the mention steps below which helps you to guide how to login to this portal.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official portal of if HRMS.
  • After that, you need to click on the login in button from the main menu.
  • Now you need to enter your user id and password.
  • Now you need to click on the sign-in button.
  • If you forgot your login password then you need to enter your registered mobile number and after that enter an OTP which is sent to your mobile number and after that create your own password.

epayroll IFHRMS Portal

The financial Treasury Department of Tamil Nadu trying the best to make the process related to e-governance and digital governance in their department. The main focus of this is process engineering workload Optimization with the help of technology and Re best management of trade finance and also so with the help of this portal the department of treasury and Finance decide Tu to comment Singh then next phase into the digital government initiative.

In the past time, treasury and finance department and HRM system facing several kinds of difficulties because of manual functions and process with required files and written paperwork with is a very lengthy process and consume there so much time. Thus IFHRMS portal helps them to transform digitalization for the betterment of their department. This portal takes care all the activities related to the financial department which helps them to save their time and get rid of the lengthy paperwork and files of the department and because of that they increase the other government department to transform their activities to the online portal and help them to ensure real-time updates of all the transaction happens to the department of Finance. Vendors portal form government decide to also take care of the Human Resource Department of the state by helping and managing the workload to reduce it and assessed HRM department to efficiently and get rid of donkey work in a various level like paperwork and promote the paperless model and also helps to ensure hassle-free E and non-chaotic working environment in Farms and office. It also helps to make the transaction very easily with and within the department and also encourage a proper reversed management in on working place.

Management of IFHRMS Payments

The integrated financial and human resource management one of a kind project in our entire country according to the administration and because of that, the government of Tamil Nadu has to be applauded. Basically is the target department provides a salary in a total of 153 crore rupees to you there 24575 employees of the state government and also provide the pension amount around rupees 22 crore around 12000 employees who preserving pension. This integrated finance human resource management portal has to ensure the real-time information related to any kind of finance and tertiary related details of the state expenditure and income which are generated from the jobs and other monetary resources and aspects.

Department of IFHRMS.

According to the Tamil Nadu State Government, the HRMS portal regulate many small departments and so we share the list of the departments.

  • Treasuries & accounts
  • local fund audit
  • pension
  • small saving account
  • government data center
  • co-operative audit
  • state chief auditor of statutory boards

IFHRMS payroll login.

This monetary system control various kinds of payrolls which is different from the existing Mythri management system which contains the activity of payroll which is really time taking and energy-consuming as this activities takes it 2-4 working days to record and control down salaries and Pension Payment of the employee in every month. The payment is done in just 1 day and has over 9 lakh of employees with providing their salaries and around 800000 pensioners with contains paperless and easy work. Commissioner of treasury and accounts department appreciate this project and set this project help hundred percent completion of digitalization of Government employees Service registration.

ifhrms pay slip & bill

  • You need to visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu State Government financial department.
  • Now click on the sign-in button on the topmost part of the website and login with your give the ID and enter your password.
  • Now click on the sign-in button after that there are many IFHRMS folder of the four different folders on the page you open.
  • You are also able to personalize the choice is available on this page and modified the new various favorite icons provided. After that, the two folders open on that page which is human resource and Finance full stop you need to double click on the finance
  • as you need to see your salary will. After that, on the next page, there are various domains that are available you need to select on DDO master.
  • Now you need to select the salary bill groups option in the dropdown.
  • Now click on the next to create option.
  • After that, there are some fields such as Bill group name or post type account code for which you need to fill without any mistake.
  • After that click on the review option and then submit your application full stop after that verify if this information is correct. When completing this process select the payroll dormant on the top of the page and search.
  • After that select your employee number.
  • Now add an upgrade your will group option will stop after that you need to receive a confirmation of your request with including a request number first of now you need to view the completed request and you will have your information.

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1. How do I find my Ifhrms username and password?

You will get your IFHRMS username and password after a successful registration. In case you forget your username or password, you can reset it by visiting the official IFHRMS login page.

2. How can I register in Karuvoolam Ifhrms?

Visit the official website and create your profile. In this way, you will be registered on the Karuvoolam IFHRMS portal.

3. How can I check my Karuvoolam payslip?

With the help of your username and password. you can check all the details regarding Karuvoolam payslip.