Faug Tdm mode release date: The Faug game has officially released in our country on the Google play store for android users on the date of January 26 – the Republic day of India. As promised by NCORE games India on 26th January, the game was released on the play store for those users who have pre-registered themselves at the time of pre-registration. As soon as the news of the release of the game was announced, the gamers rushed towards the Google play store and install the game on their Android mobile phones. We have also played the game and we can say that the game is pretty good with some brilliant graphics. Although only story mode/campaign mode is launched as of now, the new update will include guns, a battle royale mode, free for all, and TDM mode in the future. As of now, the game does not have any weapons because of the storyline. So when is the FAUG TDM going to launch? We are going to tell you all the information regarding the FAUG TDM launch, FAU-G battle royale, FAUG multiplayer mode in this article.

What is tdm?

TDM stands for team deathmatch, This is a mood of gameplay in video games. Best match in which multiple players in the team of four or five in order to win the match. It can be played in the first-person perspective (FPP) or third-person perspective (TPP).

Tdm full form

The full form of TDM is Team Deathmatch.

FauG Team Deathmatch Release Date

The biggest question of the game fanatics of our county at the moment is When will Faug TDM launch?  Mr. Gondal has stated in an interview with IGN India, that the features that Were teasing the trailer were not added on the launch date of the game. As of now only the story mode for single player is provided in the game. However, the game shows different modes that can be played in the future. The most exciting mode is the Fau-G Team Deathmatch 5v5, which is expected to be launched on the occasion of Basant Panchami i.e. 16th February 2021. Apart from this Free for all mode (Every man for himself) and battle royale will be launched pretty soon too. Players can directly download the faug game apk for their android mobiles for free. The game size is only 460 MB at the moment.

While FAUG will get a battle royale mode, it won’t be set in the same Galwan Valley map. “We will most likely be looking at a different map for that,” says Hande. “But it is too early to reveal any details around that,” said nCORE Games COO Ganesh Hande.

faug team deathmatch release date

FauG Multiplayer mode

An amazing feature of the new update FauG is the multiplayer mode. The company has confirmed that the multiplier combats are coming to the game very shortly, but it is not sure that it will be featured on Galwan Valley campaign.

Battle Royale

Many people said that FAU G will be the competitor of PUBG mobile. However, the NCORE games have always stated that the game does not compete with PUBG and there are no comparisons with the counterpart. The game only has a story mode at the moment and new features and updates will be added in the period of six months immediately as per Mr. Gondal.

Free for All

Another move that will be launched very soon is free for all mode in which every player will be on their own in order to get the ultimate victory. You will have to defeat every other player on the map in order to get the victory for yourself. The mood will be launched in the new update pretty soon.

Battle pass

A better class will also be provided in the game but it has not been launched with the initial launch of the game. By the battle pass, players will get character skins guns games, etc for their players.
The reason behind no guns in the story mode of the game is that due to the India China agreement regarding no guns in the Galvani Valley, no guns were added in the gameplay by NCORE games. Obviously, the game will provide guns but on a different map when the TDM mode gets launched.

In-app purchases

The game has provided in Apple status which ranges between Rs.19 to Rs.2999 in which the 20% of the amount will be donated directly to the Bharat Ke Veer fund. With the Battle Royale in multiplayer mode getting to be rolled out in the future the game will definitely get more interesting with some great features in a couple of months.

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