The full form of ESIC employee State Insurance Corporation. The main purpose is to provide funds for the employees to mainly cater the medical needs. ESI is launched by the department of labour and employment. ESIC portal is launched for safeguarding the financial distance of employees due to various uncertain events of disease sickness for injuries which may lead to death. ESIC has its own ESIC login portal. This login portal has the employees get registered and avail of various services provided by the ESI department. In this article, we are going to tell you about the login process for the ESIC portal.

esic portal application registration

You can easily through the ESIC portal by using your 17 digits Unique Identity code. This Unique Identity code is given to all the registered employees. If you employed for the first time that you must have registered through the ESIC portal by entering your personal details including your family details permanent address temporary address etc. After completing the registration process you will get a unique Insurance number that is valid through the lifetime of any job switch. If you want to know how to register yourself for the portals and read the steps that are mentioned below.

ESIC eligibility

  • Enter your principal employer’s name.
  • Select your state name from the dropdown.
  • Select your region from the drop-down.
  • Enter your email or registered mobile number.
  • Click on the submit button.

After successful registration, you will receive a 17 digit unique Insurance number.

esic portal employer/employee login

After completing the registration process you can easily login through this portal by following the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Enter your Insurance number as a user ID.

www esic nic in login

  • Confirm the captcha code.
  • Click on the login button.

esic portal application login for employer

ESI is a self-finance comprehensive scheme launched by The Ministry of Labour and employment. The full form of ESIC is employee State Insurance Corporation. This is the fund of employee State Insurance. ESIC was founded mainly used for the medical needs of employees in India. In the beginning, this insurance is mainly worked for factory workers but at present time all the employed workforce of any organisation sector can also avail the benefit under ESIC. This Scheme is launched for the sole purpose of safeguarding the financial disaster of the employees due to various diseases like disability, sickness, or any kind of injuries which lead to death.

For safeguarding the employee’s fund from all these uncertainties the ESIC employee State Insurance Corporation provides insurance cover to the Employees of workers which cover all the expenses of medical treatments medicines for any other treatments.

What is the ESIC portal?

ESIC portal is for the employees which cover the insurance amount for any disease, sickness, or injuries. It provides the wise in the services to the Employees which insurance the hassle-free services to the Employees and beneficiaries. The main services provided by the ESIC portal is grievance redressal support, Information sharing, online payment, ESI registration, login, etc. The official website of the ESIC portal is

Who is eligible for ESIC registration?

According to the ESIC act 1948, this scheme is mainly applicable in the areas or the factories and establishments which have more than 10 employees. The employees whose salary is Les than 21000 will be eligible to take the benefit of the ESIC scheme. The employees whose salary is above 21000 not be eligible for ESI membership. There are many benefits Provided by the ESIC portal in terms of cash or non-cash. Some of the benefits are.

  • Maternity leave.
  • Disablement
  • funeral expenses
  • medical bonus
  • sickness bonus
  • medical care for themselves
  • medical care for their families
  • esic login employee portal payment gateway for insured person
  • esic online challan payment
  • esic employer login

ESIC process

  • Employees State Insurance Corporation is covered by the ESI act so you must register online within 15 days at the official website of the ESIC portal.
  • After completing the registration you will receive a seven-digit of unique employer code.
  • You don’t need to register yourself again if you already have a 17 digit code.
  • Else you can get sub-codes which is generated in respected branches.
  • The support regenerated only to the branches that are located outside the jurisdiction of the regional or sub-regional offices.
  • This portal is very user-friendly and covers all the complaint requests.
  • But first thing first you need to register a self-service portal.
  • After completing the registration you can avail of the given services under the ESI act without visiting the office of the ESIC department.

Frequently asked question

How can I check my esic status?

Open the UMANG app
Enter your IP number or ESIC Insurance Number
click on ‘Get OTP’ option.
Enter OTP and click Submit.

How can I download esic e pehchan card?

Download your esic card application form from the ESIC portal to esic card download search by number

How can I get my esic ID and password?

Click on forgoi password option.

How can I login to ESI?

Visit the official website.
Enter your Insurance number as a user ID.
Confirm the captcha code.
Click on the login button.