The Government of India recently launched an online scheme that eshram. eshram csc login portal is handled by the Ministry of Labour and employment. The main objective of launching this portal is to collect the various sources of data related to workers in an organised sector. This NDUW data will be used to frame various policies for the workers and create more job opportunities in the future for the Welfare of workers of unorganised sectors. All the workers need to register themselves through this shram portal. After registration, you will get a Unique Identification number card.

e shram card registration csc login

Workers living in the various villages, urban areas, unorganised workers, workers of unorganised sectors, like Tempo drivers, shopkeepers on Footpath, rickshaw drivers, and any other person who works under unorganised sector can register through this e shram portal registration portal. If you want to register yourself through this e shram card registration portal then read the mentioned below.
  • Visit the official website of the digital Seva portal.
  • Click on E shram option on the homepage.
  • The registration page will appear on your screen.
  • Enter your Aadhar card number.

E Shram Portal CSC Login

  • Verify your Aadhar card with OTP or biometric.
  • Enter your personal details and click on proceed button.
  • Enter residence information.
  • Enter educational qualifications details.
  • Enter your business details.
  • Preview your self-declaration and confirm it.
  • Click on the download button to download the UAN Shram card.

With the help of this CSC nduw portal registration portal, you can apply for various schemes and services. You can also register your data through the portal which has the government to provide benefits of various social welfare schemes directly to the eligible workers.

E shram CSC login process

All the CSC officials can log in through this portal by following the steps which are mentioned below.
  • Visit the official website.
  • Enter your username or email.
  • Enter your login password in the following box.
  • Confirm the captcha code.
  • Click on remember me button.
  • Click on sign-in option.

If you forgot your uan csc login password:

  • Then click on forgot password option.
  • Enter your username in the box.
  • Enter your email register through this portal.
  • Confirm the captcha code and click on get a new password.
  • You will get your new password through email.

What is the uan card csc login eshram card?


For the sole purpose of preparing a national level database of workers of an organised sector NDUW portal CSC is launched by the Ministry of Labour and employment. This NDUW CSC major card registration is important so that the government can know how many workers are working in the unorganised sector.

NDUW Unique Identity Card number

NDUW Unique Identity Card number is issued to all the unorganised sector workers who are registered through this online Eshram portal. This Unique Identity Number can be identified as well after completing the registration process and a Unique Identity card will be provided to all the registered labour and workers. This NDUW Unique Identity Card number is a 12 digit number.

e shram portal csc login eligibility and document required

To register, through this NDUW portal, you must complete the following requirements.
  • The eligible age criteria of workers are 16 to 59 years old.
  • The worker must not be an Income Taxpayer.
  • The worker must not be a member of EPF and ESIC.
  • You need to verify your Aadhar card with OTP, fingerprint or biometric verification.
  • Verify your bank account details and mobile number.
  • You need to provide an educational certificate, income certificate, business certificate, skill certificate as per your requirement.

Who can apply for e-shram csc nduw e shram card login

All the workers who are working under unorganised sectors are eligible for applying for a sharm card.
  • Tannery workers
  • Small and Marginal Farmers
  • Agricultural labours
  • Carpenters Sericulture Workers
  • Salt workers
  • Beedi rolling
  • Labelling and Packing
  • Building and Constructions workers
  • Leatherworkers
  • Midwives
  • Sharecroppers Brick Kiln workers
  • CSC
  • Fisherman Saw Mill workers
  • Animal husbandry workers
  • Auto drivers
  • Sericulture workers,
  • Domestic workers
  • Barbers
  • Street Vendors
  • MGNREGA Workers
  • ASHA Workers
  • Vegetable and fruit vendors
  • Newspaper vendors
  • Rickshaw pullers
  • House Maids
  • Milk Pouring Farmers
  • Migrant Workers

The Benefit of csc e shram card registration

As we all know that the government of India launches various social welfare schemes for the benefit of organised sector workers and labours. But due to lack of technical knowledge and awareness, they will miss all the schemes which are beneficial for their social welfare. E Shram portal have the government identify those workers and Labour who are eligible for all these schemes. Following are the benefit of E shram card.
  • It provides insurance cover under Bima Yojana.
  • It also waves Premium for one year.
  • Also, provide financial support to the unorganised workers and labours.
  • Provide benefits under various social security schemes.
  • It provides job opportunities.
  • Also helps to track workers of migrant labourers.


Do I have to renew UAN every year?

No, you don’t have to renew your Unique Identity Number card every year. It can automatically be updated on the database.

Workers filing income tax returns is eligible?

If you filing an income tax return is eligible but should not be paying income tax.

What is the validity of the UAN card?

There is a lifetime validity of a UAN card.