As we all know in today’s time mobile games have become the most popular games in the past two or three years. Everyone uses mobile and likes to play games on it there are many kinds of games like pubg OR free fire like Battle Royale games which attract many youngsters attention. Because not anyone referred to buy a computer or laptop to play games in it so the Mobile gaming community is booming up and millions of users throughout the world. One of the popular games for Android users is dragalia lost which is a new game released last September. This game is operated by none other than Nintendo and CYgames developers which are based on an RPG platform on your mobile devices. As we all know Nintendo is a very popular gaming company and creates many popular games like Mario. Currently, dragalia lost is available on both Google Play and app Store but only a few countries can able to download it like Japan Taiwan Macau Hong Kong, and the United State of America.


About dragalia lost

NameDragalia Lost
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Dragalia lost is fully based on an animation game and its storyline is based on new land where Dragons and humans live in peace. You need to get out of pain and fatigue after that suddenly you entered a new world where you can find humans and Dragons Dragons are found a way to live together in peace. In this game, you need to borrow the shape of a dragon and use its power to build up your territory from land and river. Then suddenly one day ulberia the new land where are you lost is power and your name is you done the seventh Prince task to make your territory powerful with the help of powerful Dragons. On the other hand, you will be also able to investigate the mystery of Sacred shirts weakness defense and found out the Monsters that attacking your kingdom.


On the basis of every RPG game dragalia lost a similar style of traditional action but the good level of development is made dragalia lost a different and very special game as compared to other RPG games. In this game, you can move your character with the help of an arrow button on the screen and when you are encountering any means you just need to touch the attack button around the screen and also touch the screen to dodge the attack. In this game, every area of Monsters has elemental affection so so you can easily take advantage to fight their weakness and win.

Brave fight

Sometimes the level of Monsters is very hard and very difficult to attack them and win. But fortunately, game when you feel invisibility you can call your support to find yourself beside you. In this game, you can transform into Dragon but for a limited period of time so you can take advantage of this and destroy the boss quickly. Boss can appear in the last area of the map of every territory.

60 heroes

In this game during the fighting, you can also be able to transform your hero through a small building which is is held on. Here you can able to transform and customize your character. In dragalia lost you can able to customize your hero into 60 heroes along with their weapons and pieces of equipment our abilities. There are two types of currency in this game which is Diamantium and wyrmite. This currency was able to unlock the character in your game. You will earn this currency on a regular basis through any kind of missions and regular jobs and completing the story quests. Every mission in this game is very quick and short so that you will be able to pass the Quest very easily and very quickly and earn experience and money.

Graphics & Sound

On the basis of other RPG games, dragalia lost all pretty good and nice graphics. This game is anime-style characters which are familiar with the Japanese games but on the basis of skin tone and facial expression, there are some difference. Not only call the sound of this game but also the music is very impressive and beautiful. This game is pretty good and the music which is a feature in this game are based on the Japanese artist named daoko.

Dragalia Lost app download

Indus game Nintendo offers pretty much and unique experience for the players as compared to other games that you know about such as Sonic Mania animal crossing, etc. Dragalia lost the required 3GB of memory and Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher compatibility 1GB or more Ram. The size of this game is very large but on the basis of excellent graphic quality and attractive features for countless stories this game word for waiting and gives a unique experience to its players.

  • If you want to download this app you need to click on the download button which shows above.
  • After that on the new page click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.
  • After that download automatically starts and then you need to begin the installation process.

Dragalia Lost apk install process

  1. First, click on theDragalia Lost file in your smartphone.
  2. Then one pop-up appears which shows you might harm your computer if you agree Click on Ok.
  3. Now go to the setting menu.
  4. Now you need to click on the security tab.
  5. Now you need to grant permissions to the app click on the Allow from this source button
  6. After that installation screen appear. Click on Yes for “Do you want to install this application?”
  7. Now you need to go to Settings -> Security -> Lock screen & security.
  8. Now enable the option “Unknown sources”.