Diksha is a student or teacher as a learning portal that helps you to assist the teacher and the students Tu to carry on their studies activity with the easy way of learning while using this portal. As we all know that due to this Corona pandemic student face difficulties to study-related activities due to the current time period and that is why this Diksha AP portal is launched by the government that allows you to study through this portal and by safe distance by Ministry of Human Resource Development associated with National Council for teacher education started this digital learning portal as an initiative purpose. The main focus of this e-learning portal is to assess the teacher and the students to carry on the studies on a normal basis but in a different more like learning. The full form of the Diksha program is a digital infrastructure for knowledge sharing. This portal is an open-source digital platform that enables the teachers to share the knowledge and acquire the knowledge for the students.

diksha.gov.in app login

In today’s article, we are going to discuss a very important topic. This information is related to the School Education Department, which is useful and important for teachers. Yes friends, if you are a teacher, then read the article completely. In this article, the complete information about teacher’s registration, login, and NISHTHA online training (Diksha App Registration, login, and Training) in the initiation portal is given in step by step Hindi. Also, the direct link to download the Deeksha app is also given here, from which you can download the Diksha App. Diksha (DIKSHA) is a portal operated by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, which is implemented for all states of India. Online training and capacity building of teachers is done through DIKSHA.

An online training program 2020-21 is being organized at Deeksha, in which complete information about registration, login and training of teachers is given in this article.

Download DIKSHA App (Download initiation app)

See complete information of DIKSHA app download, registration, and online training step by step here.

Step 1 – For registration and training in Diksha, all you have to do is download the Diksha App on your mobile. For this, go to the Play Store on your Android mobile and search by writing DIKSHA App.

Step 2- Now you will see a list of many apps named DIKSHA, INSTALL the app is shown in the picture it. The direct link is given below to download.

DIKSHA Direct Link On Google Play

Now open the app installed on the mobile and always allow notifications on the screen.

Step 3- Now on the new page, you have to select the language. Here you will get the option of many types of language, you choose the language of your choice and tap on the continue button below.

Step 4- As soon as you tap on continue, the app will open in a new interface in which you will see three types of logo – teacher, student, and others. Here you select the teacher option.

Step 5 – By selecting the teacher option, you will again see a new interface. On this page there is an option to select the board at the bottom, here, touching on the drop-down arrow (⛛) will open the list of many boards, select the appropriate board from it like -State (Chhattisgarh) and tap on entering Do it

Similarly, after selecting the medium, select the class, if you are a primary school teacher, then you can select class 1 to 5. Then tap on continue.

Step 6- Now you will get new interfaces again, after selecting your state and district selection, click on the button. In this way, your app will be ready for further processing. Now let us tell you how to log in.

DIKSHA Registration And Login

Hopefully, after following all the steps mentioned above, you will be ready to login by downloading DIKSHA App. Let us now show you the procedure of Diksha app login registration.

  • Open the initiation app (DIKSHA App) from your mobile and tap on the course option at the bottom of the screen which will show you the login button Touch this log in as shown in the picture.
  • Now you will see a page written Welcome to DIKSHA Login, tap on the option Login with State System at the bottom of this page.
  • In the new page, you have to select your state. For example, if you are from Chhattisgarh state, then select State Chhattisgarh, then tap on the Submit button.
  • As soon as you tap on the Submit button, a new page will open in front of you which is the page with user login. From here you have to login now.

Diksha app login with state system

To login, fill in your mobile number in the username section. The thing to note here is that you have to enter the same mobile number which is registered in cgschool.in and the password is also to be used by you to log in to Diksha app login for teachers, problem, download Rajasthan and mp with state system problem training cgschool.in.

  • After entering the mobile number and password, fill in the given captcha code and tap on login. As shown in the figure. So the app will open on a new page again.
  • On this page, you are given two options, first of mobile number and second, of email address, you can proceed with any option. Let us tell you the process ahead from the mobile number.
  • Checkmark on the Mobile Number option and fill in your register mobile, then mark the check below to accept the DIKSHA Tearms Of Use and tap on the Submit button.
  • Now 6 digit OTP will come on your mobile number, fill in the box provided for Enter OTP and tap on the Submit OTP button. So the app will reopen in the new page.
  • In the new page, you will see at the top of the written course of my state, here M617 _LO_Based _Teacher _Course has also been given. From here you have to complete the online course.
  • In this way you will be registered in the Deeksha portal and you can now take online training. The online course will begin from October 26 for Chhattisgarh state.

FAQ for Diksha portal

How can I login to Diksha online?

1) First go to website and enter your email address or mobile number.
2) Now enter your password.
3) click on login.
4) Now two option will apper
5) Sign in with Google Account or Login with State System

Can Diksha app on my PC?

No, you will not use Diksha app on PC but you can able to login with the official portal.

How can I register in diksha portal?

If you want to know the registration process then read the steps which is given above>

How can I open Diksha app?

First, you need to download diksha app from play store or you can log in the diksha.gov.in/app