BIMS stands for Bill Information and Management System. It is an online billing system that was launched by the Kerala governments’ finance department and that was used to maintain the operation of treasure. BIMS is a Kerala Treasury portal which is used by large business which includes buying and selling of product and services. In this article, we will discuss all the information regarding BIMS and provide detail on how to register yourself in this bims portal.

BIMS full Form

What is the full form of BIMS: The full form of BIMS is Bill Information and Management System.

Name of portalBIMS login portal
Typee-billing management portal
launched byKerala government
departmentthe finance department of Kerala
official website

BIMS Treasury Kerala

BIMS is an e-billing management system that was used to maintain a bill efficiently. Here we point out important features of BIMS so that you will know how to use this portal in a different field. Some important points are listed below for bims subtreasury gov in.

  • The DDOs can prepare online contingent bills and e-Submission to the treasury through BIMS.
  • first of all, it has a feature to generate contingent bills.
  • BIMS login portal allows us to maintain the bill book and check the status of the bill at any time.
  • The DDO shall process the claim and submit the bill online to the treasury in the bill Form TR 59 E form through this portal.
  • the online bill submission facility will be restricted to authorized Drawing and Disbursing Officers
    (DDO) only. This necessitates a new procedure for submission of grant in aid bills and BIMS take the place of this necessity.
  • BIMS offers paperless generation of bills it also reduces environmental pollution.
  • Drawing and Disbursing officers generate a report of expenditure which can be login by this portal.
  • Before this, the Treasury Officer shall duly verify and pass the claim and disburse the amount by crediting the same to the TSB Account/bank account of the institution/ beneficiary concerned but after introducing BIMS by the Kerala government it reduces the processing time.
  • BIMS allows us to apply online for TR 59 E form and submit it through this portal.
  • No Procedure for Computation POC in BIMS billing system.
  • You allow maintain your login id and password and access your account any time.
  •  It provides the option to retrieve passwords if forgotten.
  • It allows maintaining the payment on deposit.
  • BIMS login portal has different bill management options it includes advance bill settlement.
  • BIMS login portal of Kerala government allows them for the integration of State Budget and its Income and Expenditure bill management.

 How to Login in BIMS Portal online

BIMS is an e-billing management system of the Kerala government that allows us to provide a login facility. To login in BIMS account step by step process given below.

  • Firstly you have to open the official website of the BIMS login portal from that only you can register yourself. To login BIMS Website link is given here you can access the website by just click on it. official website of BIMS ->
  • Then a new page will open that asked you to enter a 10 digit code as the username.
  • After filling 10 digit code that is DDO code you have to enter a password.
  •  Now a new window will open and a drop-down menu will open you have to select the required role and then next.
  • Below this, you have to fill captcha be sure while filling it that you are typing correct letters or not.
  • Next, you have to go to the login option and click on it.
  • Now you are successfully login to the BIMS portal.

BIMS Kerala Treasury Login

Online Registration/Renewal of BIMS DDOs portal

Before login to the BIMS login portal you must have a DDO code and to get a DDO code you must register yourself in the DDO portal first. Here we provider step by step procedure to register or renew the DDO account.

  • First, open the official website of the DDO portal, and to open this you have to visit the website given below

Check DDOs website -> Click here

  • Just after the click, you have to select the option of DSR registration/renewal this option will be available at the center of the screen in red color.
  • after clicking on it a pop window will open where they ask for DDO 10 digit code and your PAN detail fills this information and click on next.
  • Next, there will some information that you have to fill in correctly and complete all detail and then ok.
  • The registration process will be completed and now you can register on BIMS as well.

BIMS portal billing option

As BIMS is total related to e-billing management system of Kerala government there are lots of area in which this BIMS works. Here some field are given below for which BIMS works.

  • Contingency bill management
  • Advance payment bill management
  • Scholarship
  • Payment on Deposit
  • Budget expenditure bill management
  • TR 59 E form filling
  • salary disburse
  • to keep a check of the accounts

How to add TBS account on BIMS?

In BIMS portal you can also add TBS account. When you login to BIMS portal go to the TBS section and enter your TBS account in the portal. To check your TBS account number go to the link and check your account by click here.

  • first, open the BIMS portal
  • then go to the Login option on the left side of the menu.
  • where you fill find TBS option click on it.
  • then click on the entry option available there.
  • then you have to select the type of TBS account you have.
  • follow the instruction and enter the account number detail.
  • The next option is the account holder’s name.
  • after that enter the entire information and submit it.
  • your TBS account will be added successfully.

BIMS Treasury


Trouble in signing BIMS portal

if you have a problem signing in to the BIMS portal here we provide step by step guide to login into the account. Detail how to sign if any trouble in a signin like forget password, incorrect username etc.

  • The first option is username so kindly check you are typing correct username or not.
  • After entering the correct username enter your password correctly.
  • If you do not remember your password click on the option forget password then using your email addresses or phone number your password will by retrieve.

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How do I create BIMS account?

1. First, visit the official website of
2. On the homepage, click on DSC Registration/Renewal.
3. Next, Enter DDO code with PEN.
4. In this way, you can create BIMS account.

What is BIMS Portal?

BIMS refers to the Bill Information and Management System. it is an e-Bill portal that claim settlements by drawing and Disbursing officers( DDOs).

How do I reset my BIMS login?

First, go to the official website of treasury Kerala and enter your Username with a ten-digit DDO code and password.