Awasiya Bhumi Adhikar Yojana was started by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state to provide plots on populated land to the poor families living in the rural areas of Madhya Pradesh. According to the scheme, the poor families coming into the rural areas will get the benefit of this scheme. Under the scheme, 60 square meter plot will be allocated to the eligible families for residential purposes. Along with this, the government will also provide the benefit of loan facilities To Eligible families for housing Constructions. In this article, we are going to tell you about what is awasiya Bhumi Adhikari Yojana.

Awasiya Bhumi Adhikar Yojana

In order to provide residential facilities to the poor families of the Madhya Pradesh state, this scheme has been started by the Madhya Pradesh government for the poor families who do not afford land or a residence to live. This scheme has to ensure The Eligible families will have their own Land to meet all the basic needs of day-to-day living. All the families of the rural areas are eligible under this scheme and hands to apply for the scheme to get residential facilities to live.

To avail of the benefit of this scheme, Eligible families will have to apply by visiting the official website of Sara portal of Madhya Pradesh. This is an official government portal of the Madhya Pradesh State government. After completing the application process village-wise list will be prepared for the eligible families. The beneficiaries whose names will appear on the list will be provided with the facilities of the residential plot. The families will not have to pay any kind of fees for the plot allotment.

Purpose of Madhya Pradesh residential land rights scheme

  • The main objective of launching the scheme is to provide essential plots to all the citizens of the state who do not have their own houses.
  • With the help of the scheme, the citizens of Madhya Pradesh will be able to lead a respectable life with minimum basic necessities.
  • This scheme will also provide improvement in the standard of living of the citizens of rural areas.
  • This scheme allows the citizens of the state to get their own house apart from that a loan will also be provided from the bank on the plot to provide Finance for the house construction purposes.

The benefit of this scheme

  • The benefit of the scheme will be provided to all the families who do not have their own house to live in.
  • Under the scheme, a plot will be e allotted to the beneficiaries in rural populated areas.
  • A plot of 60 square meter area will be allotted to The Eligible families for the construction of the residence.
  • Under the scheme, a loan amount will also be provided to the beneficiary families for the construction of houses on the allotted plots.
  • Citizens whose names will be included in the list can take advantage of allotted lands provided by the State Government of Madhya Pradesh.

MP residential land right scheme rules

If you want to avail the benefit of awasiya BHU Adhikar Yojana then you have to follow the basic rules to apply for this scheme.

  • The families which have the facilities of the residential house independently are not eligible for this came.
  • The families which have more than 5 acres of land available are not eligible for this scheme.
  • No family member should be an income taxpayer for this scheme.
  • If any member of the family is working in government service then he is not eligible for this scheme.
  • The name of the applicant should be registered in the voter list of the village where he wants to take a residential plot.
  • Only those members who are residents of the respective village will be eligible to apply.

Land allotment process

  • The applications received will be sent to the Tehsildar after examining them through the Secretary and Patwari of the concerned Gram Panchayat.
  • After this, a list of all eligible and ineligible applicants will be prepared.
  • The list will be published by the villagers for providing objections and suggestions in 10 days.
  • The information of which will be conveyed to the citizens through Chaupal, Gudi, Chavadi etc.
  • After examining the objection and suggestion, a list of all eligible and ineligible applicants will be prepared by the Tehsildar and published in the concerned Gram Sabha.
  • After receiving the opinion, the order will be issued by the Tehsildar for the allotment of plots to the eligible applicants after examining according to the law.
  • No premium will be paid for plot allotment and land revenue will be determined on the allotted plot under the provisions of the Madhya Pradesh Land Revenue Code.

Eligibility of Chief Minister Residential Land Rights Scheme

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh state. The applicant and his family should not own any pucca house in the state.
  • Citizens who do not have any land and on their livelihood by doing casual labor can also apply in the scheme.
  • The family who does not have any mail or adult member in the age group of 16 to 59 years should be eligible for the scheme.
  • The literate adult in the family above 25 years should apply for this scheme.
  • Families who do not own any ration card from the public distribution system shops can not get benefits under this scheme.

Documents required

  • Aadhar Card
  • Residential proof
  • Age proof
  • Income certificate
  • Bank account details
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph

Mukhymantri awasiy BHU Adhikar Yojana apply online

  • Visit the official website of smart application for revenue administration.
  • Click on Chief Minister Aawas Adhikari Yojana option.
  • Click on the apply option.
  • Check the rules and regulations regarding the scheme.
  • Click on apply now option.
  • Click on the new application option.
  • Fill the following details in the application form.
  1. District
  2. Tahsil
  3. Patwari halka
  4. Halka number
  5. Village number
  6. Aadhar number
  7. Name of applicant
  8. Name of applicants father or husband
  9. Date of birth
  10. Caste
  11. Gender
  12. Address of current residence
  13. Mobile number
  14. Email.
  • Click on the same details option.

Application search process

  • Go to the official website of the smart application for the Revenue Department.
  • Select the Chief Minister Bhu Adhikari Yojana option.
  • Click on the apply option.
  • Click on the apply now option.
  • Click on the application search option.
  • Enter your mobile number and samagra ID number.
  • Click on the search record option.

E-KYC or application record download process

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the Chief Minister Aawas Adhikari Yojana.
  • Click on the apply option.
  • Click on the download option.
  • Enter your application number or mobile number.
  • Click on the search record option.
  • Click on the download option to download your search record.

How to log in through the portal

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Now a login page will appear on your screen.
  • Enter your username and login password.
  • Confirm the captcha code and click on the login button.
  • You can also log in with your SSO ID.